The SHOCKING TRUTH About Evolution You've NEVER Heard - Until NOW!

Like most of us, you were likely taught in school that evolution is a fact beyond reproach. But as you'll see in this book, hundreds of reputable scientists have serious doubts about Darwin's theory.

Nearly all of the so-called "evidences" for evolution taught in high-school and college textbooks have long been discredited, in some cases, over one hundred years ago - yet they are still presented as fact.

Now, many scientists claim that new discoveries in biology, astronomy and paleontology have rendered evolution dead and
that the truly scientific evidence points clearly and unequivocally toward the existence of an Intelligent Designer.

Here, for the first time in a handy and easy-to-read format, dozens of quotes from the top minds in science give you the other side of the Creation/ Evolution debate - evidence that science textbooks ignore and the main-stream media suppress.

Discover the surprising admissions some of today's leading scientists make to each other behind closed doors - when they think no one else is listening.

If you've always suspected evolution was a lie but weren't sure why, or if you're convinced it's true but remain open to hearing the evidence against the theory, then this book is for you.

Evolution: Fact or Fiction? is a shocking, controversial and surprisingly entertaining read. But watch out. If you're not careful, it just might challenge your thinking about science and